Tino AndresTino Andres is a well-respected educator for the Compton Unified School District. He is currently a 10th Grade world history teacher at Dominguez High School, and also its Pacific Islander club sponsor. Before his transition to Dominguez he had worked with the Pacific Islander Students at Davis Middle School for many years.

Because I was asked to be a teacher at Davis by the principal at the time, I could not believe how many Pacific Islander students were enrolled as students at the school. I then spoke to the principal about working with the Pacific Islander students and be a mentor for them. My main focus and goal as their mentor was guiding them to the importance of higher education, and the need to focus on their educational goals. I am also doing the same with all of my students at Dominguez High School as well. I believe that each student that I come in contact with is an important fabric of society as with their education that is why I became an educator.

Reaching out to the young minds and supporting them on their educational journey is what N.P.I.E.N. is all about. Hence I became a member at large and I am grateful that I did.

“In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired.” Lao Tzu